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cinnamon sticks in the garden

It can be used as a preventative in the garden. Also known as Chinese cinnamon, this is the variety most commonly found in US supermarkets. Another way to keep ants as well as other unwanted bugs out of your garden is to make your own pest repelling spray. See how to make this, « The Best Sea Glass Beach Glass Hard Candy Recipe, How to Make Aloe Vera Gel Using Fresh Aloe ». Come in to see the garden. We found some great cinnamon powder, stick, and essential oil options on Amazon. If you use a mixture with added cinnamon, you can actually hinder your problems instead of helping them! Allow the mixture to sit for a good 24 hours. Since most root boosting products are expensive, this is a great solution to try first. The tree is stripped and the strips left to dry in the open air. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 25. If you have a sandbox or other garden play area where ants will be an issue, sprinkling some cinnamon can help. Plant the stems in fresh potting soil. Keep ants away. 5. Your email address will not be published. Cut in half, making two, 14x3 1/2-inch rectangles. 4.4 out of 5 stars 905. Just sprinkle a bit around plants or anywhere else you wish to stop ants and gnats in their tracks. Cinnamon is a fantastic aromatic, which makes it great for baking and cooking, but this versatile spice isn't just for the kitchen! True cinnamon sticks, known as Ceylon cinnamon, are made from the rolled-up interior bark of the Cinnamomum verum tree of Sri Lanka. Questions or comments? Cut crosswise into 1/2-inch wide But if you are only using that cinnamon stick just one time, you are wasting it! Buy on If you have any ideas to add to the list, be sure to tell me about them in the comments below. My name is Katie and I am The Homespun Hydrangea. Still open for those that want to come in and shop. Heal Plant Wounds. These are ground into the familiar cinnamon powder used in cooking and baking. Below you will find ways to use cinnamon in your garden so you too can reap the benefits it offers. I wrote in all caps: "IT'S FINE. One of the best ways to use cinnamon is around plants and play areas where... 2. Before you transplant seedlings or start a plant from cuttings, dip the end of the stem in cinnamon powder. Make your own pest repelling spray. 8. You can use the fungus fighting spray recipe above, or just try sprinkling some cinnamon powder on the mushrooms. 4. This method is effective and works as well as store bought sprays with chemicals, which you may not be too fond of. 1. Cinnamon sticks are also used in rice dishes such as Indian, Iranian and Afghani pilafs. It can help keep spiders out of sight. Another less messy option is using cinnamon sticks instead of the powder. Reapply after a heavy rain or every week as needed. We do not sell them as food items. Cinnamon is a wonderful flavor addition to cakes, cookies, and any number of other foods, but to gardeners, it’s so much more. A well-harvested compost pile is invaluable to any home garden. 99 ($0.78/Ounce) In fact, you can place sticks around anywhere you've seen ants. See these creative ways to use cinnamon in your garden and you will never want to be stuck without it! I earn a small commission off these links at no cost to you. 1. Keep ants out of plants and play areas. Cinnamon is an inexpensive and easy spice to find, and believe it or not it has many practical uses around home and garden! As you can see, cinnamon is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your garden and even sand box pest free! FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. So grab a canister of cinnamon, or even a handful of cinnamon sticks, and start taking notes! Cinnamon Sticks Fragrance Oil This fragrance oil by Natures Garden is the aroma of freshly ground cinnamon bark. – Cinnamon Sticks Ground cinnamon is cinnamon bark that has been ground to a powder; cinnamon sticks consist of the same bark rolled up into quills, so the first big difference is form. Bring ... jars. Make your own pest repelling spray. Cinnamon sticks can actually be used several times before they lose their flavor. Make your own fungus fighting spray when you mix 2 teaspoons of cinnamon powder with a quart of water. Plant database entry for Hosta 'Cinnamon Sticks' with one image and 11 data details. We use cinnamon for baking. Keep flying bugs away from you and your plants. While you work in the garden the cinnamon oil will give off a scent that these biting bugs despise. If you have bothersome mushrooms popping up in your garden, cinnamon can help. I am a Hoosier, blogger, freelance writer, author, and of course, a family gal. You can use cinnamon to keep your garden looking great, pest free, and even fungus free easily and inexpensively. Cinnamon sticks can be added to savory marinades, adding flavor that works especially well with curries. If you are intersted in putting your name and number on a list we will contact you when the new shipment comes in. Pour the olive oil into jar, covering the cinnamon sticks. This cinnamon solution doesn’t kill the ants, it just repels them through the scent. 1. 2. – Cinnamon Oil. Note: Natures Garden sells our herbs for external use only. Here are the amazing ways to use cinnamon in your garden that you need to know. Cinnamon Stick Tree Ornaments Rather than make ornaments from cinnamon dough, this clever crafter went right to the source and used cinnamon sticks as …

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